Elite Athlete Performance Management (EAPM) Courses

We are revolutionizing technologies and methodologies in the field of sport.


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E. A. P. M.


We are revolutionizing technologies and methodologies in the field of sport. With little exaggeration, new and new developments appear every day. According to the laws of the market, they tend to become aware of marketing that alternatives in a given area are displaced, worthless, and useless. In the field of personal and fitness workouts, trainings, training courses are advertised in a dump-like manner, which is not easy to choose for.

If you work as a fitness, personal trainer or sports psychotherapist you know and have learned a lot, you read a lot, get information, consult your fitness, and its scientific background, but still thirst for knowledge, then we offer you our E.A.P.M (Elite Athlete Performance Management) courses.

Who do we recommend?

  • Have you learned a lot about fitness, about the underlying context, but are you still having questions on the subject?
  • Are you confronted with day-to-day practical problems that you need to confidently solve?
  • Can you solve any professional problems?
  • Do you have a hard time communicating with professional coaches?
  • Can you always make your professional decisions?
  • Can you explain the professional, scientific background of your decisions, your work?
  • Can you integrate new knowledge, technologies, methodologies into your system?
  • Do you have your own system, or do you always put yourself in the newest, best known system?

Dr. Levente Rácz PhD

Elite Athlete is a professional leader in Performance Management

Head of the Department of Biomechanics, Faculty of Physical Education, and Specialist in Human Biology, Performance Diagnostic Specialist, Fitness Trainer. Since 1997 he has been working as a fitness trainer with international athletes. In the last two Olympic cycles, he has provided a conditional and co-ordinating background to the achievement of 20 Olympic and World Championships for Olympic and Paralympic Qualifications, and for more than 50 Olympic and World Championships.​

Rely on the knowledge and experience of a professional who personally integrates the fitness coach and the sports researcher, who has been effectively providing the athletic and coordinating background for many sportsmen at international level for more than twenty years, not only reading sports science articles, but also researching himself. conducts, publishes, conducts PhD courses, and teaches at academic level on the determinants of influencing and influencing the performance of the human motive system.


„A sportolók kiválasztását, életpályáját az adott sportolóra vonatkozó, valós, mért adatok alapján tervezhetjük, alakíthatjuk. Egy ilyen háttér, mind a sportoló, mind a szövetség részéről befektetett idő, energia és financiális ráfordítás tekintetében jelentősen javíthatja a hatékonyságot. Értékként kezeli, és középpontba helyezi a sportolót, akinek biológiai és edzés életkorának megfelelő komplex személyiségfejlesztése, eredményessége és beválása a legmagasabb szintű célrendszerként fogalmazódik meg.“



“We can design and shape our athletes on the basis of real, measured data about that athlete. Such a background can significantly improve efficiency in terms of time, energy and financial input from both the athlete and the alliance. It treats as a value and focuses on the athlete whose complex personality development, effectiveness and inclusion as the age of biological and training age is defined as the highest level of target.”



Creating and efficiently operating a sports science background that enhances performance and effectiveness, based on objective, complex, individual and team-level development processes. (Communication, cooperation, collaboration)
Professional training and further training (trainer, fitness trainer, humanineologist, sports analyst) with a modern, innovative approach, theoretical knowledge, and professional experience
Ensuring and implementing effectively the sporting background of applied research projects to answer real professional questions and practice (question-research-feedback).


EAPM Courses Professional Program:

Development and management of individual, long-term, stable psycho-motor skills, as well as its determining and influencing factors, necessary for the performance and success of the age-group and adult competitors. Developing a systematically structured structure of scientifically and sports-oriented conditional and co-ordinating capabilities, and developing in a logical order based on each other. Creating general and sport-specific fitness, optimizing its proportions, and integrating with industry periodization. Performance management based on objectively measurable factors in the lab, training, and competition in the background of general and sport-specific capabilities.

EAPM Professional Courses consist of three modules built on each other, which are described here: The first module will be held on 29-30 June, 2019!


Exchanging knowledge in a practice-oriented form of training that will enable participants to integrate their existing knowledge, theoretical and practical knowledge into the most effective training system, and effectively integrate content delivered through training to their own training system. An integral part of the training is the progression levels of the target-specifically structured practice material of the condition and coordination development that is effectively integrated into the sporting technical elements, special location and position-changing motion patterns (eg sport-specific footwork), the organization of the effective training structure based on the interaction with the training blocks.


Demonstration of the practice material, systematic presentation of the individual motion samples, according to the most innovative international trends and latest publications (OPT model, functional anatomical, biomechanical and training methodological approach, octogon training system).


Knowledge transfer in the form of interactive theoretical and practical training to support the first-level knowledge of the EAPM with the most effective training design methodology. Creating general and sport-specific fitness, optimizing, periodizing, and integrating with industry periodization.


Transfer of knowledge in the form of interactive theoretical and practical training to complement the first two levels of EAPM with the most effective performance diagnostic background. Measurement of objectively measurable factors in the laboratory, training, competition, general and sport-specific skills, interpretation of measurement results, feedback at the level of fitness training, prevention and rehabilitation.

E. A. P. M.


Vásárhelyi-Nagy Ildikó

Vásárhelyi-Nagy Ildikó

Ildikó Vásárhelyi-Nagy
  • BOSU® Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Aerobic trainer
  • Master of HighRoller
Falatovics Ádám

Falatovics Ádám

Ádám Falatovics
Core Power Master Trainer
  • KamagonBall Instructor
  • FMS Instructor
  • Cheetah SE Ice Hockey Replacement Fitness Trainer
  • Baranta national team leader coach

The price of the first module of the training:
The second module is
The third module is
These modules will be published later, depending on how much we will be finishing in the first module!


Deadline for application: 


 The participation fee can be paid in two installments, 50% of the amount, and the remaining amount on the day of the training. We will send you a fee request based on your payment request. The training fee includes professional materials, videos, T-shirt, additional E.A.P.M. note booklet.


The duration of the training does not include the exam. Within 30 days after the training, you will have to return the exam material, on the basis of which the certificate is sent.

EAPM First Module Date:  2 days

Springday Health Club, 1042 Budapest, Árpád út 47-49.


The training lasts from 10 am to 6.30 pm in the two days.

We can only refund the amount paid in advance if the training is not implemented by Bosu-Hungary. In this case, we offer a pass-through for a next training.


If you have any questions, we are happy to call you at 0670-623-2017. Training organizer: Zsuzsanna Barsi

Email address: info@bosu-hungary.hu